Sunday, March 20, 2011

Passing the Sacrament

Bryan turned 12 in January and was so excited to become a Deacon. He was excited to be able to do baptisms for the dead, but passing the sacrament was a scary thing. He struggled for months being unsure of himself, afraid to stand in front of so many people. Brent even offered to pass the sacrament with him but he still didn't want to do it.

"How do I know where to go? How do I know what to do?"

A few weeks ago one of Bryan's leaders approached me at church. "I noticed Bryan hasn't passed the sacrament yet." I explained to this leader how Bryan was unsure of how to do it and was nervous being in front of so many people. He then offered to come pick Bryan up before church and have the other Deacons show Bryan how it's done. What a great idea this was. I couldn't wait to tell Bryan.

When we got home from church I told Bryan about what his leader and I had discussed. I thought Bryan would be so happy he would finally be able to pass the sacrament. However, all I got was, "Why did you go talk to him? I will do it when I'm ready." That was so not the response I thought I was going to get.

We then had a long discussion and had come to the agreement that he would go early and let the others show him the process and then he would decide whether to pass the sacrament then or to wait until the following week.

Well today was that day. I got Bryan up to get ready for church. "It's after 7:00, you need to hurry. Your leader will be here in 45 minutes." There was lots of grumbling from under the blanket. I wonder if he thought I would go away if I couldn't see him? Then there came the, "I don't feel good." and the, "I'm too tired." Being the mean mom I am I told him too bad you are going to church. As I walked down the hallway to get my other two children out of bed I heard, "FINE" and his not so little feet stomping to the bathroom.

7:50 came and off Bryan went.

When the rest of us had gotten to church and took our seats Bryan was already sitting with the other Deacons waiting to pass the sacrament. I think my heart skipped a beat. After we sang and the prayer was said I watched as my young son stood with the rest of the young men. He seemed so grown up standing there. He started passing the bread row by row. Watching him from the side I could see the corner of his mouth turn upward into a smile. Then came the water, again I watched him as he went row by row. I could still see that hint of a smile on his face. As he got to the end and went to stand in line with the other young men he turned to me and smiled.

I was so proud of him. I was so proud that he was honoring his Priesthood and blessing others by passing the sacrament. And most of all I was proud that he had decided to do it for himself.

As Bryan walked back to sit with our family he had this ear to ear grin on his face. Once he got closer I could hear him say, (along with the three rows in front of us) "Yes, I did it!" He sat next to me and I put my arm around him. He proceeded to tell me how "awesome" that was and that next week we need to sit in his area so that he can pass the sacrament to us. In that moment, I don't know why but, I was reminded of a book title I had once come across. "Even the Prophet started out as a Deacon." I couldn't help but wonder at what the Lord has planned for my son. Will he be a future Bishop or Stake President? Will he serve as an Apostle, or be in the Quorum of the Twelve? Will he one day serve along side the Prophet? Will he be a great Young Men's leader and help others to fulfill their divine rolls? 

As we got in the car after church Bryan announces, "I'm going on a mission!"

It was a great day to have been the mean mom.

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