Saturday, June 30, 2007

When you feel short of blessings....

Things have been kind of stressful lately and I've often found myself pondering what's going wrong or things that we are lacking. So I've decided that it's no fun to be a Debbie Downer so I'm making a top ten list of things that I am truly thankful for. So here goes...

1. A Heavenly Father who loves me and knows what's best for me even when I don't see it that way.

2. A husband who loves me and is supportive. Without him things would be A LOT worse.

3. My children, even though it is often hard to keep up with them they can make your day with just a smile.

4. My entire family. I don't know how those of you who aren't close to your families get thru life. We are all about family everything we do they are the center of it all. I am thankful for this built in support system.

5. I'm grateful for the Grocery Game which has allowed me to really add to my food storage in ways I never thought possible. In the lean times (like at the moment) it is such a relief to know that there is little that we need to get by.

6. My beautiful home in which I feel safe and loved. Where memories are made everyday that we will remember forever.

7. I'm am thankful for the sunrise and sunset. With the way our house faces I can see the sunrise out of my kitchen window and am grateful to be able to start over. In the evening I can see the sunset out of both the living room and my bedroom and it makes me feel blessed to have made it thru another day.

8. Friends, they don't have to be high in number to make a difference in your life. They always seem to know when to call or when you need a hug.

9. Laughter, you can't be sad or grumpy when you laugh. And to hear the laughter of my children just makes my heart melt.

10. Believe it or not I am also thankful for adversity. It makes you grow stronger in ways you never thought possible. On that note I'm done with mine and would like to take this opportunity to share the ability to grow with someone else.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Here we go.....

Well here's the debut post for our blog. Please bear with me as I learn how to operate all of this. Right now our lives are a little crazy as Brent just got back from a 12 day business trip to CA. It was hard but we surrvived, barely. Everything that could go wrong when you are alone does, so I've learned. Just in this last week I got locked out of my house, Connor has strep (no insurance at the moment), we were playing in our little blow up pool and not more then 5 minutes after we got it filled up Connor decides to "dive-in" and hits his head on the concrete leaving a huge goose egg on his forehead. At the same time Heidi chokes on the water and throws up in the pool while we were all sitting in it. Those are just a few of the random things that happened this week. Such is life. It's times like these that I feel so blessed to have CHOCOLATE in my life.